Look, we understand that most pet owners have no intention of showing their puppies. However, we still want to provide that top-notch quality that all of our customers deserve. Let me tell you, it is VERY DIFFICULT to produce those good looking Puppies that we all drool over on the TV and in cartoons. Please don’t make the mistake of buying a low priced puppies from your local backyard breeder only to be disappointed when you see him or her grow up to look nothing like what you expected.

We are home breeders of the most gorgeous and beautiful french puppies. We take special focus with breeding values of health, body, temperament, and companionship. These core values are fundamental in producing the best quality and healthy puppies.


French Bulldogs are an intelligent, loving and affectionate breed. They love people and are especially good with children. Frenchies are excellent companions. They rarely bark, unless they are asking for attention. They love to dress up and go for walks. Due to their small nature and a calm attitude, French Bulldogs are a great choice for people living in apartments. 

We are experienced Breeders of French Bulldogs specializing in European Pedigree. Frenchies are our passion and we ensure that we have only quality puppies that are not only beautiful but have amazing personalities as well.  If you do not live close by, we can ship all over USA and the USA. Just ask us for a quote.

All our puppies come with a full set of Vaccinations including 3 DHPP boosters, Rabies, deworming and a microchip.  They all have a health guarantee for 12 months against any genetic illness (please see terms of Purchase and Guarantee for details). Likewise, we also provide lifetime support for any questions or issues you may be having with your Frenchie. 

One of the perks when buying from us is that our buyers receive 20% off.